Fans of the adult cartoon “King of the Hill” will instantly recognize the title of this posting. Yes, the immortal words uttered by Hank Hill describing what he sells to make an honest living. No mention of green energy, no pretense that a certain fancy electric car beginning with the letter “T” is going to save the town (let alone the planet), no just propane and propane accessories. “Taste the meat, not the heat” as he extoles the virtues of propane vs. charcoal BBQ. Anyway, to the point of this post…

It is a matter of record that at the 09/19/23 selectboard meeting the Brentwood board voted unanimously to accept a contract to buy propane from a certain propane company at a very low rate, a rate to also be offered to all town employees and the selectboard, but not to the entire town. What? Can anyone say corruption? Sure stinks of the offering and accepting of a bribe to us. Hello out there Brentwood, can you see what they are doing right in front of you?

Perhaps it would have been a good idea for the selectboard to say “Whoa, we’ve gotta be careful here, let’s accept the offer, but not for us or the town employees because that would be curruption.”

This is taken from the official, approved minutes:

xxxx shared the fixed price from (propane-co) is offering 11,000 gallons of propane to the town for $1.83/gallon. xxxxx stated the NH fuel website has the average cost of propane at $3/gallon*. xxxx added the rate is extended to all town employees and selectboard members.

*(One of us paid $3.59/gal in this timeframe)

Here is a clip from the video of the meeting:

What’s the next level of corruption to which this town’s administrative regime is going to sink? Let’s see, perhaps prioritizing electricity delivery to certain residences if/when there’s a supply shortage?

So, next time you see a certain propane delivery truck in Brentwood, chances are it’s going to be going to or coming from a very select group of residences. A picture would be worth a thousand words…

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